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Himalayan Glory hereby proudly introduce ourselves as one of the leading company in providing all sought of traveling solutions such as vehicle rental, hotel booking, package tour organizing, corporate refreshments, student industrial visits, etc., and had left a smile on our customers with our prompted service and reasonable rates. Hereby we do a humble submission of our vehicle rental quotation for your kind perusal.

Airport pick up and drop services in Kathmandu. Cars. Jeeps and Vans rent in Kathmandu.

Transport in Nepal


Planes are the best way to reach remote parts of the mountainous country. Royal Nepal Airlines operatess air services in the interior parts of the country. Besides it airlines like Nepal Airways, Everest Air, Necon Air And Asian Helicopters also provide air services, both regular and charter, to various destinations in Nepal. Most widely known tourist flight is Everest Experience which takes one above the marvellous snow capped mountains. One can even have a look on Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, from the sky. Everest Experience is definitely an experience one never forgets.


Helicopter charters are becoming increasingly popular in Nepal, especially in tourism sector for sightseeing. Helicopter journey is very useful for tourists who desire to drink the tourism cup in Nepal but don't have much time to spare. The helicopter journey is very thrilling and rewarding. Experience of looking at snow-capped peaks from sky is unforgettable. Lots of domestic airlines provide helocopter services.


Buses are the cheapest means of transport in Nepal. They ply for both long and short journeys. While bus journeys one gets chance to freely interact with the locals and taste indigenous dishes on the way. Tourists who have sufficient time must definitely try local buses. Tourist buses are also run by private bus companies and travel agencies.

Cars & Motorbikes

Cars and motorbikes can be rented in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other prominent towns. For driving a bike, you are required to have a driving license and passport from your home country. Riding a bike in old parts of Kathmandu is a relishable driving experience. Cars and vans usually come with drivers, but you can drive them yourself also. Car hire can make your tour very comfortable and faster.


Rickshaws (two-seater tricycles) are very useful for short trips. They can ply easily even in narrow lanes and crowded markets. One is advised to negotiate the fares beforehand. Many tourists find rickshaw trips very enjoyable.

Three-wheeler Autorickshaws

Autorickshaws are used to travel to various corners of the towns, although finding them after sunset is a bit difficult. Numerous taxi companies operate in Nepal. All these autorickshaws, cabs and tempos carry black plates with white numbers, for it has been mandatory by the authorities.