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Paragliding with Himalayan Glory Tour and Travel in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seeker. A trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth, as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites and float over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungle, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalaya.

Gliding is a weather dependent sports and the flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, the best months being November and December. The takes off point for these flights is Sarankot (1592m.), which also offers prime views of Fewa lake and mountains at sunrise and sunset (provided the skies are clear) and the landing is by the Fewa lake. No previous experience is required as qualified pilots provide a short briefing before launching.

Price for Paragliding only : 30-40 Minutes US $ 100/- Per Person , 60-90 Minutes US $ 220/- For Nepali - Rs 5500/- per person

Cost of Tour with Paragliding : Please let us know what type of hotels and other facilities you want, then accordingly we will provide you the tour cost.

Aircraft and its safety:

These aircrafts are manufactured in Russia and are completed with the Rotax 582 engines. The operational speed ranges from 50 km/h to 130 km/h. These are two-seater plane which carries once pilot one passenger each in every flight. These aricrafts can fly for four hours and reach the height of 5000 meter and fly 300 km at a stretch. Its high aerodynamic qualities. Allow this delta wing aircraft to perform long flights with engine turned off. It’s uniquely designed and is filled with a ballistic parachute system, which will enable the aircraft to land safely during emergencies.

Insurance Policy: Our Flights are controlled by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and insure the Passenger, Aircraft, Pilot and the third party. Which means the insurance policy is as good as in any other domestic flights.

Operation Time: We operate our flights at Pokhara Airport from September till June from sunrise to 11pm and 3:30 pm to sunset. But if the weather permits we can fly throughout the day as well. We have three different routes as a package as listed below:

Routes and Tariff

1. FLY FOR FUN- Flight duration 15 minutes
The flight takes you over the city of Pokhara, Fewa lake, near Sarangkot hill, over the Buddha monastery and the south side of the city. This flight gives you just a taste of freedom, leaving you wanting more! The speed of this flight ranges from 50 km/hr to 90 km/hr and gives you a panoramic view of the whole Annapurna mountain Range with views of another 8,000 meter peak - Dhaulagiri, in the distance. The maximum altitude attained is 5,000 feet.

This flight usually appeals to curious flyers that cannot turn down this unique opportunity, junior flyers (at least 8 years of age) or travelers on a budget.

Covered Area
Pokhara City, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot hill, with speed of 50km/h to 90km/h and climb to 5000ft. of altitude.

2. FISH TAIL PEAK-Flight duration 30 minutes
This is by far our most popular flight. Imagine 30 minutes soaring through the sky over and around the Pokhara Valley. You will fly over the Tibetan refugee camp and as far as Lamachour, on the northern part of the valley as well as Fewa lake and other interesting sights. Capture all of your flight memories with your camera and without a window impairing your view or your camera's view. This flight takes you close to the Mount Fishtail (Mt. Machhapuchhre) foothills with the speed of approximately 90 km/hr. The views are simply superb and the flight leaves you feeling exhilarated.

This flight appeals to the traveler who wants the best of both worlds; balancing cost with duration.

Covered Area:
To the Foothills of Mt. Fishtail covering Pokhara valley with the speed of 90km/h and reach 8000ft. of altitude.


3. MOUNTAIN SKY TREK- Flight duration 1 hour
This flight is truly exciting! After the nervous butterflies caused by excitement calm down, you get to sit and relax as you enjoy a tour of the sky.Pokhara is the perfect place to take this hour long flight. You can fly around the city and through the valley and eventually make your way to the edges of Mt. Fishtail (or Mt. Machhapuchhre). On this flight you are so close to the mountain it feels like you could practically wipe the snow off the peak with your hand. While flying through the air you can see 4 of Nepal's 9 highest peaks including Annapurna 1, Annapurna 2, Dhaulagiri, and Manasalu. These are all over the 7900 meter mark. The Mountain Range Sky Trek is a unique and unforgettable experience and adds that extra special touch to your travel memories in Nepal. This flight provides a great overview of the Annapurna Mountain Range with speeds ranging from 90 km/hr to 130 km/hr and the highest altitude of 12,000 ft. This relaxing and invigorating flight is a must.

This flight appeals to those seeking the ultimate adventure. Photographers - aspiring and professional - come year round to get closer to the mountains that not even trekking can provide. This is not just a good trekking substitute it is also an enjoyable way for a trekker to reflect on their travel experience with a sky view of the mountains they could not reach on foot.

Covered Area:
To the Annapurna Range at 10500 to 12000 ft of altitude with a speed of 90 km/h

Ps. note: We do special flights on request, which would be more than an hour. We provide windsheeters, trousers, Helmet and gloves. 170 NRS will be charged extra for Airport tax in each flight.